Achidna fang


Required Level:


Damage: 132-152
Damage Type: Fast
Critical Chance: +17%
Special Ability: Searing Venom


Psychameron: Given to you after you have defeated Achidna and Basileus in the boss fight at the Psychameron.


The fangs of Achidna have drained life from countless creatures over the millennia to feed the beast's hunger. Now fashioned into weapons for Death, Achidna's Fangs siphon health from his foes, weakening them only to strengthen the Reaper.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II


Searing Venom grants health on achieving a critical hit. This health boost is quite large and appears to be based on how much damage is dealt.

Searing Venom is also applied to the scythes as long as Achidna's Fangs are equipped.

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