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"War! Destroy this parasite."
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Angel of Death armor

The “Angel of Death" armor set

A set of enhanced, heavenly armor. Powerful enough to protect and shield Death on his journey through the Underworld, or even beyond the Gates of Hell. [1] The Angel of Death armor is an exclusive armor set for Darksiders 2 that can be unlocked by pre-ordering the game at Best Buy, or downloaded from PSN Store for 1.99 USD. The set also comes with a pair of scythes.


Aod body 0Body

  • Item Level:10
  • Defense:95
  • Type:Light Armor
  • Health=47
  • Health Regen:41

Aod bootsBoots

  • Item Level:10
  • Defense:53
  • Type:Light Armor
  • Health=60
  • Health Regen:25

Aod glovesGloves

  • Item Level:10
  • Defense:53
  • Type:Light Armor
  • Health=60
  • Health Regen:25

Aod shoulderShoulder

  • Item Level:10
  • Defense:53
  • Type:Light Armor
  • Health= 67
  • Health Regen:43


  • Item Level:10
  • Damage:100-110
  • Health per Hit:5
  • Health per Kill:30
  • Health on Crit:8

Location in Deathinitive edition

The chest containing the Angel of Death armor is found in the Ivory Citadel, behind a Voidwalker portal with a group of urns behind it.  Smash every urn behind the portal to reveal a hidden chest containing the armor.


  • The armor's design is quite similar to that of the armor worn by a Light Angel.
  • Wearing the full armor set will increase Death's health to 842.
  • Considering the stats of the armor in comparison to other armor sets, in combination with the impressive health and health regeneration enhancements on both the armor and the scythes, the Angel Of Death armor is quite easily one of the most advantageous armor sets in the game; the armor itself can greatly help with recovering health as well as keeping Death alive at the same time in combination with the scythes; allowing Death to become almost invincible.



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