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Also Known As: Demon Lord Belial
Race Demon
Gender Male
Size Large
Means of Travel On Foot
Special Features Upside-Down Wings, Eye-Amulet
Affiliation Hell
Main Weapon Trident
Type of Attack Magic
Enemies Death
Allies The Hunter (formerly)
Actor Name (en) Fred Tatasciore
Belial. The legions of Hell must be in a sorry state, to make you a Lord.
Death to Belial.

Belial was a demon Lord that controlled a portion of Hell's forces on Earth. He apparently has an unimpressive reputation, as Death remarked that Hell would have to be in a sorry state for Belial to be a lord.



After the initial Apocalypse, Belial used his forces to hunt down the surviving humans. Eventually he struck a bargain with the lone human survivor he referred to as the Hunter. He offered the human safety in exchange for the locations of other survivors and claimed that he held the Hunter's soul in his power to keep the human in check, a bargain the Hunter accepted.

The Demon Lord BelialEdit

Belial: Nephilim. You will die here.
Death: We both know that isn't true.

— Belial and Death before battle

When Death arrived to kill Belial at the Hunter's request, the demon admitted that he held no power over the human's soul and did not consider him a threat. Belial claimed while Lilith and Samael were willing to "coddle" the Horseman, he was not and attacked Death in response to his taunts. The Horseman defeated him and impaled him with his own trident. After killing Belial, Death took Belial's Trident.


  • Trident Constructs: Belial can generate additional tridents as means of attack. He can expel them from the ground similar to War's Blade Geyser, and launch smaller tridents from around himself.
  • Demonic Magic: Belial can manipulate demonic energies and infuse them into his trident. He can use it to levitate from one location to another, channel the energies through the ground and cause it to rupture. His most dangerous ability is surrounding himself with a nigh-invulnerable shield and generating explosions by striking his trident against the ground.


  • Belial's unimpressive reputation could be a reference to his name, being a Hebrew adjective meaning "worthless". His Trident is also said to whisper "Though art good for naught" to those it has slain.
  • Belial is stated to have been the one who forged the Demonflame Renders as a way of securing favor with Lilith but apparently the scythes disappeared, supposively stolen by one of Belial's rivals.



Death faces Belial

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