"This blade is more ancient than you horseman, and taller to boot" (Thane to Death, before they fight)

Bess is Thane´s weapon. It is featured in Darksiders 2.


According to its wielder, the Maker known as Thane, Bess was even older than Death, meaning that it was old beyond counting for Death himself was an incredibly ancient being.


Bess is a very tall weapon. The handling is grey, possibly made of metal, but is covered by brown fabric. The handling is connected to the blade by a golden support, which is also present on the blade itself for cosmetic reasons. The front of the blade is straight and long while the back is composed by 3 sharp knifes. Unlike the handling, the blade seems to be made of stone.


When Death and Thane fight, Thane only uses the front part of the blade. The attacks are very basic since Thane only performs simple vertical and horizontal slashes. That means Bess is very heavy and its made for slow but powerful attacks.


  • Thane never uses the knifes on the back of the blade on his attacks, suggesting they are only cosmetic.
  • The only time Thane uses the name Bess to talk about his weapon his during one of his taunts ("Had enough of ol´Bess?)

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