Bheithir Talon

Bheithir's Talons


Required Level:


Damage: 64-84
Critical Damage: +150%
Special Ability: Bheithir's Fire


Dropped by Bheithir


Found within the very belly of the beast, these scythe blades have festered for a millennia within Bheithir. The enchanted blades have fused themselves with her own attributes, creating a weapon of legendary status. Its previous owner is unknown, but the blade's craftsmanship is unequaled, allowing it to sever with the utmost precision and savagery, whilst burning flesh from bone.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II

The scythes possess the Special Ability Bheithir's Fire, dealing extra fire damage and burning the target.

Video InformationEdit

Bheithirs Talons Info - Darksiders 2 - PC01:08

Bheithirs Talons Info - Darksiders 2 - PC


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