Darksiders II Darksiders Unlocks

Death with the Pauldron of the Horsemen on his shoulder


Required Level:


Damage: 48-56
Critical Chance: +20%
Critical Damage: +200%

Deathinitive Edition Edit

As of Deathinitive Edition, The Chaos Fang levels up along with Death, similarly to Abyssal Armor set. Its Damage is increased corresponding to actual weapon level, while Critical Chance and Critical Damage stay intact. This rebalancing makes Chaos Fangs useful for crit-builds, even at late game.

These scythes level up every 2 levels, jumping up to the level your character is.


Obtainable by having beaten the first Darksiders, and visiting Muria .

Deathinitive EditionEdit

Obtained after defeating Gnashor in the Gilded Arena


These scythe bear distinctive markings of the Four Horsemen. Knows as the Chaos Fangs, the scythes reap a heavy toll amongst enemies foolish enough to challenge Death. In many ways, the Chaos Fangs resemble the weapon of the Horseman War--the infamously deadly Chaoseater.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II


The markings of screaming skulls on the blades of the Chaos Fang greatly resemble those of War's sword, Chaoseater. The name is also similar.

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