Construct Hulk
Construct Hulk
Race Construct
Gender unknown
Size Giant
Means of Travel By Foot
Affiliation The Makers
Main Weapon Fists
Armor Heavy
Type of Attack Melee
Enemies Death

 The Construct Hulk is a boss featured in Darksiders II.


It is a giant Construct that guards the Warden in the Lost Temple. It is similar in design to the Guardian but on a much smaller scale. Having falling victim to the Corruption, Death must destroy this beast in order to reach the Warden.


Death must avoid the brute's slam attacks and wait for it to dislodge a Shadow Bomb from the wall. Throwing a bomb at the boss will cause it to fall apart and expose its core to attack, although smaller constructs will be summoned to defend their larger brethren. Repeat this strategy, evading the Construct's ram attacks and it should fall relatively quickly. It is possible to destroy the construct without the use of the Shadow Bombs by simply attacking it, but it takes a significantly longer time, and is more dangerous. 

Darksiders 2 Construct Hulk Apocalptic-005:09

Darksiders 2 Construct Hulk Apocalptic-0


  • Dermal Armor: The Construct Hulk possesses strong stones which resists light attacks such as Death's Pistol or Scythe swings.
  • Ground Pound: The Hulk possesses immense strength that by pounding the ground can cause a shockwave.


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