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Wrath of War
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Construct warrior

A Construct Warrior

The Construct Warrior is an enemy in Darksiders II.


These Constructs are effectively mindless golems and were originally created by the Makers, but have been lost to Corruption. They attack with slow heavy blows. Evade when you see them raise an arm to the sky in preparation to strike, and then counter. Avoid becoming surrounded as you hack these troublesome monsters to rubble.


  • Construct Warrior - the weakest version with the least visible signs of Corruption.
  • Tainted Construct Warrior - a more powerful version first encountered in The Lost Temple, with more obvious signs of Corruption.
  • Corrupted Construct Warrior - a even more powerful and further corrupted construct with corruption crystals all over the body. First encountered in The Foundry and later in The Scar at a higher level.

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