The Ravaiim were a race that hailed from an epoch in Creation so early that even the Makers' Realm had not come into fruition yet. They were killed by the Nephilim during their rampage through Creation.

Overview Edit

The Ravaiim were a group of crafters that created tools from their own flesh and bone. They were not only powerful, but incredibly imaginative, and were the first to attempt to shape a world for themselves.

The Raviim's world was the first world that the Nephilim destroyed on their rampage through the realms. Their flesh was used to create the Grand Abominations. Due to their potential had they not been massacred, the Grand Abominations became weapons filled with power and hate.

Abilities Edit

The Ravaiim were incredibly skilled crafters, though they were not good warriors, as the Nephilim defeated them easily. Their flesh and bone was put into their creations.

As Grand Abominations, a single Abomination could slaughter an army. Even a dead weapon as Mortis was still insanely potent.

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