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Full Power
"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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Also Known As: Master of Blades, Blademaster
Race Undead
Gender Male
Size Regular
Eyes Blue
Means of Travel On foot
Occupation Advanced Combat Trainer
Main Weapon Swords, daggers
Enemies Dead King, Chancellor
Allies Death, Lilith (implied)
Actor Name (en) Troy Baker
I am the Master of Blades. And all that remains of a warrior once called Draven from the Kingdom of Man.

Draven or Draven the Blademaster is a human warrior who stays in the Eternal Throne and aids Death in his quest to revive the human race.



I should have passed through the Well of Souls long ago. But I won my freedom in the Arena, only to fall beneath the Dead King's whip!
Draven, speaking about his past

Draven's life as a human is unknown beyond him being a very skilled warrior from the Kingdom of Man.

When he died and entered the Kingdom of the Dead, he was given a chance to escape the grave. To earn this privilege, he was told to conquer the arena. Even though Draven emerged victorious, he was betrayed and made a servant to the Dead King instead - a fate he considers worse than death.

Darksiders IIEdit

Draven: Did the Chancellor send you? Well, Horseman, I've beaten death once. And I can do it again.
Death: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Draven: Of course not. You still reek of hope! You couldn't have met the Chancellor...

— Draven and Death upon first meeting

Draven was the first resident of the Eternal Throne Death encountered. When they first met each other, the undead warrior believed the Horseman was sent by the Chancellor to fight him. When Death expressed his confusion, Draven elaborated his disdain for the undead advisor.

After Death's meeting with the Chancellor, Draven gave information about the Arena Champion, Gnashor, and an opportunity to take part in hunting the Bloodless. Draven was eager to slay the Bloodless as the Dead King was very fond of them, and seeing the Dead King upset was an opportunity too good for him to pass up.

Death came to respect Draven and offered to free him from the Dead King's service through death, but Draven refused. He'd bide his time for revenge, either by killing the Dead King himself or taking his crown.


It is unknown what Draven was like prior to life as an undead. However, Draven possesses great ambition, as he hoped to return from the grave and lead an army that would conquer all and demonstrates pride in earning his title as the Master of Blades.

In his life as a servant to the Dead King, Draven develops a bitter outlook with a desire for revenge against those who betrayed him. He's also shown to be short-tempered, as when he corrected Death for saying the Chancellor "didn't sound like much."

Despite his bitterness, Draven came to embrace his situation, calling it his "living dream," likely referring to his goal of killing the Dead King and/or assuming the throne - being in the same place as your target is convenient.

He holds a level of knowledge and respect for Death, as he aided him on his quest by offering new combat techniques.


  • The name "Draven" may be a reference to the Eric Draven, the protagonist of The Crow. Michael Wincott, the voice of Death, played Top Dollar, the antagonist of The Crow.
    • Interestingly, his name also parallels the champion Draven from the MOBA game League of Legends, who is also skilled with weapons. This is most likely a coincidence, as Darksiders II was in development long before  the champion in question was released.
  • The Dark Avenger buckler, which Death can acquire in the Forge Lands, belonged to him.
  • There's an engraving of Draven with Lilith on the door to the Well of Souls. Whether this signifies a history between them is unknown.
  • On New Game+, Draven gives Death a pair of angelic scythes, the Static Blades. Due to that, Draven is in a sense the only character who seems to have ties to each of the known realms. Heaven, as he has the scythes, Hell, for his supposed involvement with Lilith, Earth, for being born there, the Kingdom of the Dead, for being the Dead King's slave, and the Maker's Realm, in which his buckler can be found.
  • Draven speaks with a distinct British accent.
  • He's heavily implied to be from Medieval times. He occasionally adopts a flowery speech pattern and his gestures are typically very formal.
  • Draven is one of the few characters Death isn't brutally sarcastic towards.

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