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Wrath Abilities are skills which utilize Wrath in order to gain a certain effect, either defensive or offensive.


Throughout the course of Darksiders 1 and 2, War and Death will obtain various abilities. They can be upgraded which will, as one can imagine increase the effectiveness of the ability making the user stronger overall as a result.


In Darksiders, War has four Abilities:


War using Blade Geyser

Blade Geyser

  • It is the very first Wrath Power that War obtains. It is acquired along with Chaoseater. Blade Geyser is an ability that lets War slam the ground, causing blades to sprout up around him, dealing a good amount of damage to anything in the vicinity draining one of his Wrath bars. With each level up, more blades will come forth from the ground. On fourth level mentioned Blades sprout not once but twice. These Blades bear a close resemblance to the Chaoseater's own blade.
Stoneskin lvl4

Stoneskin Lvl 4


  • The skin of War becomes as hard as stone. As each new level increases War's damage dealt and resistance to damage increases. The graphic also changes, starting off looking like stone then more like molten lava as the level increases. This power consumes a little of the Wrath bars over time. It can be leveled up by purchasing upgrades from Vulgrim.

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Immolation level 1


  • An ability that allows War to surround himself in fire. When enemies come within melee range they will be set on fire, causing damage and adding combo hits. This ability drains Wrath over time. This ability becomes available after killing Tiamat.
  • This power can do a significant amount of damage at max level, but it also drains wrath more rapidly than Stoneskin will. Although this form does offer a protection from enemies such as small enemies, however, it is not as proficient as Stoneskin in protection from enemies.


  • War summons magical serpents that fly at enemies and inflict damage upon their target. They continue to attack until Wrath is expended.
  • This wrath power can deal more damage by buying higher levels from Vulgrim and is the most powerful Wrath attack. It is very good for getting a high combat multiplier and for occupying a tough opponent while at the same time causing massive amounts of damage.
  • This power is available after defeating the Griever.

Darksiders 2Edit

In Darksiders 2, Death has eight main abilities, each which can be upgraded:

Harbinger TreeEdit

Darksiders II Harbringer Tree

Harbringer Tree

The Harbinger Tree are one of the two paths of Wrath Abilities laid out before Death in Darksiders II. The Harbinger Tree is essentially the warrior path, the skill tree that enhances and empowers Death's supernatural combat abilities to make him an even deadlier warrior than he already is. Virtually all of these abilities focus on improving Death's melee damage; granting him greater attack power and boosting the chance that he will land a critical hit.


The skills are listed in the order that they can be unlocked.

Teleport Slash: Death teleports across the battlefield and delivers a violent scythe attack that deals damage and restores Death's health.

  • Immolation: All enemies struck by Teleport Slash are set ablaze.
  • Inescapable: All enemies struck by Teleport Slash are slowed by Frost.
  • Rage of the Grave: Death gains health from enemies killed by Teleport Slash.
  • Unending Fury: Enemies killed by Teleport Slash reduce the Wrath cost of Death's Harvest attack.
  • Death Blossom: Enemies slain by Teleport Slash blast apart on impact, damaging nearby foes.

Harvest: Death's true incarnation appears, unleashing a spinning scythe attack that devastates surrounding foes.

  • Reaping: Reaping increases the chance of scoring critical hit on enemies struck by Harvest.
  • Trauma: Enemies struck by Harvest increase the damage dealt by all of Death's attacks for a short time.
  • Red Harvest: Enemies struck by Harvest grant Reaper Energy.

Unstoppable: Death's unearthly strength is increased for a short time.

  • Inevitability: While Unstoppable is active, Death is more likely to deal a critical strike.
  • Empowerment: Death's Critical Strikes deal additional damage while Unstoppable is active.
  • Killing Blow: While Unstoppable is active, Death has a chance to deal a second strike with each attack.
  • Call of the Grave: The duration of Death's Unstoppable ability is increased.

Bone Maelstrom: Death's flesh,and bone comes off,and creates a storm around him made of bone,flesh,and wrath energy.It damages anyone caught in it.

Necromancer TreeEdit

Darksiders II Necromancer Tree

Necromancer Tree

The Necromancer Tree are one of the two paths of Wrath Abilities laid out before Death in Darksiders II. The Necromancer Tree is essentially the spellcasting path, drawing upon the Horseman's innate death magics. With this tree he can summon up ravening ghouls, protect himself with a barrier of raw magic or bring down mystical crows to distract his foes. These abilities improve the amount of damage that Death can inflict with his magics, and they directly boost all elemental damage dealt by Death, whether that damage is melee oriented or not. Additionally, it increases the amount of damage that Death's Reaper Form can inflict.


The skills are listed in the order that they can be unlocked.

Exhume: Death summons bloodthirsty Ghouls from beyond the grave to fight alongside him.

  • Undying: Increases the health of the summoned Ghouls.
  • Enervation: Damage dealt by the Ghouls is awarded as Wrath for Death.
  • Death's Allure: Death's enemies are driven to attack the summoned Ghouls.
  • Fiery Souls: Ghouls deal additional fire damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Corpse Explosion: Summoned Ghouls explode when killed or the ability ends, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies.

Aegis Guard: Death surrounds himself with a necromantic shield, significantly increasing his Defense and Resistance.

  • Grave Defense: Aegis Guard enhances Death's Arcane attribute while the ability is active.
  • Reflect: Death's Aegis Guard reflects a portion of any damage dealt to Death back at its source.
  • Grounding: Threads of lightning arc from Death while Aegis Guard is active, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Enraged Guardian: The arcane power of Aegis Guard increases Death's Arcane Critical Chance while active.
  • Death Guard: Death's Aegis Guard lasts longer and requires less effort to summon.

Murder: A murder of crows emerges from the ether, called by Death to attack his foes.

  • Bless: Death's crows restore their master's health by attacking his enemies.
  • Heralds of Death: The summoned crows restore Reaper Energy to Death with every strike.
  • Ice Crows: Death's crows, imbued with the chill of the Abyssal Plains, deal ice damage to all enemies they strike.

Frenzy: Death uses any wrath available and unleashes it in the form of energy projectiles that automatically seek out targets. Note: If Death's stats are geared towards improving his Arcane power and critical damage, Frenzy has the capability, at level 30, to instantly kill boss characters such as Argul, oftentimes without all of the projectiles hitting him.



Main article: Devastator

There is an Achievement connected particularly with Blade Geyser - Devastator.


  • Stoneskin, accompanied by Abyssal Armor, makes War virtually indestructible.

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