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Type of Creature Human
Mode of Travel On foot
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Varies
Hair Colors Varies
Racial Status
Affiliation Themselves
Weapons Guns
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Humans are one of the races featured in the Darksiders Series. They were the inhabitants of the Third Kingdom, Earth. Though they were nowhere near as fearsome as either Angels or Demons, they were equally as cunning and far more industrious, having adapted their environment to suit them and tamed the Earth by the time of their destruction. They were to grow in power until the time when they were on equal terms with the two other races.


To preserve the Balance, the Charred Council forbade all travel to the Third Kingdom... and destroyed those means that already existed. Even the Tree of Life was burnt, like so much kindling.
The Archon, speaking of the little paths to the Third Kingdom
Originally humans were given the realm of Eden as their home. However, Absalom believed that the Nephilim deserved Eden since they had no realm of their own and sought to conquer it. The resulting clash between the armies of Heaven with the Four Horsemen at their side and the Nephilim resulted in the destruction of Eden and the annihilation of the Nephilim. Humanity was then relocated to the Earth, where the Charred Council ordered that the Tree on that world destroyed to prevent unsanctioned entrance to the realm by the other kingdoms.

There's nothing left to lose, it's easier to keep your head. Most people panicked or tried to fight the demons... can't blame them, we were slaughtered like cattle. But nothing they did mattered in the end.
The Hunter, speaking of the survivors
All mankind were wiped out over the course of the Apocalypse and the following century. The humans left a legacy on the Earth; their monolithic structures dotted the realm in various states of disrepair. For a time there were lingering survivors, but after a hundred years all that remained of the humans themselves were their corpses, either in the form of the Wicked, the Undead, or burnt to ashes creating the colossal Ashlands region in the Destroyed City. The Horseman War was charged with the crime of their destruction and beginning the End War too early.

Billions of souls crowd my Kingdom. All of humanity, wailing for vengeance.
Lord of Bones, speaking of the souls of humanity
After their extinction, the Horseman Death embarked to resurrect them so that his brother's supposed crime would be erased. Death learned from the Lord of Bones that all the souls of humanity that now crowded his kingdom wail for vengeance. Over the course of his journey, Death found one survivor but he asked the Horseman to end his life for his crimes against his fellows. Eventually Death was able to restore mankind by sacrificing himself and the souls of the Nephilim. The state of mankind after their resurrection is unknown.

In DarksidersEdit

During the opening Apocalypse section of the game, humans may be killed. They will generally run away from you screaming. Humans cannot hurt War, including police officers who vainly shoot at him with their pistols.


Before their fall, humans were divided between many differing ideologies, nationalities, and societies all of which had little if any knowledge of Creation beyond their own realm. It is unknown what form human society will take after their resurrection, though it is unlikely to return exactly as it was before.

Notable Human CharactersEdit

  • Draven - Formerly a human warrior, Draven died centuries ago and serves as the Dead King's Master of Blades as an Undead.
  • The Hunter - One of the last human survivors, the Hunter survived years alone thanks to a bargain with a demon lord named Belial.


  • The live-action Darksiders II trailer "The Last Sermon" focuses on a parish of surviving humans taking refuge during the End-War from a horde of Legion Soldiers as Death prepares to face them alone, however Death never encountered this variety of Demon on Earth during the events of the game itself.


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