I recorded things past, present, and the ever changing future - for mine, it was second sight. It is a gift few angels tolerate. Even the Hellguard have their secrets.
— Jamaerah to Death
Also Known As: The Scribe
Darksiders II OnlineReview Scribe
Race Angel
Gender Male
Size Obese
Eyes White
Means of Travel Flight
Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Scrivener
Main Weapon None
Skills Magic

Jamaerah was the head scrivener in the Ivory Citadel in the realm of Lostlight prior to its fall to Corruption.



It was... chaos. Even the most noble among us abandoned his senses, and took up his sword. It happened to the Archon. It happened to me.
— Jamaaerah describing the Archon's and Lostlight's fall to Corruption
When the Corruption began to spread from the Archon, Jamaerah was one of many that fell to its influence. He barricaded himself within the Ivory Citadel.

Darksiders IIEdit

Death is near. Face me Reaper.
— Jamaerah facing Death
Darksiders 2 Jamaerah Apocalptic03:08

Darksiders 2 Jamaerah Apocalptic

After the Archon cleared the way with the Rod of Arafel, Death traveled to the Citadel and reached the Scribe, but the mad angel engaged him in battle. When Death proved victorious, Jamaerah broke free from the Corruption and told the Nephilim that it had been the Archon that had caused Lostlight's corruption. He had gone mad after witnessing too much in his pools, accusing all of corruption while fanatically professing his own purity. The Horseman left Jamaerah wounded on the floor of the Citadel to confront the Archon.


  • His chubby appearance and (relatively) small wings resembles a Cherub, who are typically pictured as cute and chubby angels akin to little children.

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