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The four Legendary Enhancements
The four Legendary Enhancements:
  1. Death's Blessing
  2. Fury's Embrace
  3. Strife's Offering
  4. War's Glory
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Legendary Enhancements are similar to regular Enhancements with one difference. They have much more abilities which are generally much more potent.


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In Darksiders they are never available for purchase from Vulgrim. Instead, they must be found in the world, which is much harder than finding their regular counterparts. There are four such enhancements, each named after one the Four Horsemen in the Darksiders franchise: War, Strife, Fury and Death.

War's GloryEdit

Main article: War's Glory
Benefiting Chaoseater - found in Iron Canopy.

Strife's OfferingEdit

Main article: Strife's Offering
Benefiting Mercy and Crossblade - found in The Ashlands.

Fury's EmbraceEdit

Main article: Fury's Embrace
Benefiting Wrath generation and Wrath Abilites - found in The Black Throne.

Death's BlessingEdit

Main article: Death's Blessing
Benefiting Scythe and Souls harvesting - found in Scalding Gallow.
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