Race Undead
Gender Male
Means of Travel flight
Affiliation Undead
Partner(s) The Host
Main Weapon Urn
Armor Light
Type of Attack Melee
Skills Summon Undead
Enemies Death
Into the Darkness...
Liches are creatures featured in Darksiders II. Resembling a cloaked spirit carrying an urn, Liches are capable of summoning spectral skeletons referred to as The Host to defend themselves. They can also use their urn as a melee weapon in combat. First encountered in the Judicator's Tomb, Liches become a frequent opponent for Death as he travels through the Kingdom of the Dead.

If Deathgrip is used on a Lich, it will use its melee attack as it is pulled towards Death, causing damage.

The fiend called Maelstrom could be seen as it's evolution but acts in Shadow's Edge. Another version called Frost Weaver is shown in the Argul's Tomb DLC.

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