The Prowler is an enemy featured in Darksiders II.


Prowlers are enemies Death can dispatch with relatively little trouble. Dangerous only in large groups, the Prowler's speed and ability to leap and strike at Death from range makes it troublesome. Fortunately Prowler attacks do very little damage, and they can't suffer much of the Reaper's wrath.


  • Prowler - The standard variant encountered in the Forge Lands.
  • Savage Prowler - A stronger type, red in colour.
  • Nightmarish Prowler - An even stronger blueish type that appears to have ice attacks.
  • Undead Prowler - Variant found in the Kingdom of the Dead.


  • While both Prowlers and Constructs are enemies of Death, both kind of enemies don't like each other; Constructs and prowlers are seen fighting at one point in The Foundry.
  • Prowlers are the pack members and minions of Stalkers. Stalkers are seen sending prowlers to kill Death. In the Fjord, there are Prowlers walking around in groups of 3 with a Stalker leading them.
  • The Nightmare Prowler is a Prowler who appears to be an ice creature with the ability to freeze Death with its attacks.
  • Right before they do their jumping attack they make a sound which sounds like "prowl". This might be how Prowlers earned their name.