Genders Male and Female
Additional Features Masterful Flesh-Crafting Abilities
Racial Status
Affiliation Themselves
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders: The Abomination Vault

The Ravaiim were the first race to fall before the Nephilim when they started conquering worlds.


Their kind was still primitive compared to the First Kingdom and the Second Kingdom when the Nephilim chose them as their first victims. The Ravaiim had the ability to craft their own flesh to create tools and weapons, and it was for this potential that they were targeted. They were exterminated and at Death's suggestion their remains were used as raw material in the creation of semi-sentient weapons containing massive, world-ending power called the Grand Abominations; power that was the harnessed potential of tormented Ravaiim themselves. They were said to have been the first race to shape an entire world for themselves, as well as having birthed the concept of civilization.


Nothing is known about Ravaiim society save that it was primitive and was killed off before it could even begin to reach its full potential.

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