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Amongst the powers bestowed upon the Four Horsemen, the most devastating is their ability to take on large and very powerful forms for brief periods of time. The particulars of the transformation differ between the Horsemen. Only War and Death's transformations have been revealed.

Chaos FormEdit

Focus your anger. A great rage stirs within you, clawing to get out. You MUST release it. Or a puppet you'll remain.

Chaos Form is War's most powerful ability in Darksiders. It has the appearance of a hulking fiery demon far larger than War's normal form with vestigial wings on its back and a sword of fire in its hand.



War's Chaos Form

The Horseman is broken, but there is still much power in him. For a moment I saw... one who would stand alone against the Destroyer's army.
– Samael on War's Chaos Form

When War's Chaos meter is full, he can unleash Chaos Form. When War is in Chaos Form he is invulnerable and inflicts massive damage; even a Trauma will die in five strikes. Besides powerful enemies like one of the The Chosen, there few capable of surviving a meeting with War's Chaos form. However, War is not able to use any of his other weapons, abilities, or Wrath powers for the duration of his transformation. Once triggered, the transformation cannot be deactivated prematurely.

While in Chaos Form War's chaos gauge will drain rapidly, the gauge will refill while destroying enemies, however Chaoseater will fill it up at the highest rate. The Legendary Enhancement War's Glory drastically increases the amount of time War remains in Chaos Form for, as well as the rate at which the Chaos Gauge is filled. Interestingly, the game's final boss will return War to normal form should he activate Chaos Form during the battle, making the form useless for that battle.



War unleashes this power during the Apocalypse in the game's prologue while battling a Trauma. Angels flying overhead instantly recognizing the fiery entity below them. When the Tormented Gate rises to retreat a horn sounding can be heard, a similar to that of an Earthcaller. All at once, War is drained of his power, unable to sustain his Chaos Form. Later after killing Tiamat, Samael tells him to tap into his inner rage by striking down The Watcher, giving him back his Chaos Form.


Reaper FormEdit


Death's Reaper Form.

Reaper Form is Death's more powerful form, similar to War's Chaos Form. Once transformed, Death takes on a larger skeletal form. His face is completely hidden in the shadows of a cowl, and a large robe envelopes the rest of his body. Skeletal wings sprout from his back. He hovers slighty above the ground when fighting land enemies and uses the wings to fly and attack larger aerial foes. He wields a massive scythe with many skulls engraved into the flat of the blade.


Death can partially tap into his Reaper Form at the end of many of his attack sequences without using any reaper energy. The partial utilization manifests itself as a semi-opaque energy construct in the shape of Death's Reaper form that briefly surrounds him at the end of the aforementioned attack sequences.

Death may also fill up the Reaper gauge by destroying enemies using his scythes, then physically transforming into the Reaper form. While in this form he is not quite invulnerable but the damage he takes is almost entirely mitigated. He deals massive amounts of damage with his scythe, allowing him to easily tear through large groups of weak enemies or go toe to toe with tougher monsters. In this form, he is able to teleport short distances and fire purple energy projectiles from his scythe. While he cannot use any of his Wrath powers or other abilities while in Reaper form, the form itself does not affect the status of abilities used just prior to transforming. As such, he can still benefit from magics such as the power boosts and electrical discharges of his Aegis Guard ability. Additionally, offensive magics such as Frenzy, Murder or Exhume that were used just prior to transforming are not canceled, and function as they normally would while Death's Reaper form is engaged. Death is also able to end his transformations at will, allowing him to conserve reaper energy should his enemies be destroyed before the transformation's time limit expires.


Darksiders 2Edit

Death is able to access Reaper Form after gaining the first few levels of combat experience on his journey to revive humanity, though it can grow more powerful through further experience. He frequently used it to finish off particularly powerful foes.


  • Using the Grim Talisman allows Death to gain reaper energy with both his primary and secondary weapons, and significantly boosts the amount of reaper energy obtained from scythe attacks.


  • Level 5: Unlocks Reaper Form
  • Level 10: Unlocks Reaper Counter
  • Level 15: Increases strength and duration of Reaper Form



  • Even though it is categorized in the game as a passive ability it is a very special passive ability. War's form can't be used at any time since it needs the Chaos level completely full, and is temporary once activated.
  • Chaos form's in-game model is a variant of the Fallen, minus the club on its tail and has smaller deformed or vestigial wings. It also wields an added flaming sword.
  • The Reaper Form is initially weaker than War´s Chaos Form, dealing less damage with a shorter duration and Death can still get damaged by tougher enemies. However, when Death reaches level 15, the duration and strength of Reaper Form increases to the same extent of War's Chaos Form.
  •  Death's Reaper Form grants him an appearance similar to the common depiction of the Grim Reaper.

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