Samael's Legions
DS2 Legion
Left: Legion Soldier

Right: Legion Champion

Race Demon
Gender Male
Size Large
Affiliation Samael


Main Weapon Legion Soldier: Axe

Legion Champion: Mace

Armor Heavy
Type of Attack melee
Enemies Death


Allies Samael

 As The Lord of the Black Stone, Samael commands an army of fierce Demon warriors. It is unknown whether these Legions serve their master out of loyalty or fear but they will defend the Stronghold until the end. In order to gain an audience with the Demon Prince, Death must face these demonic soldiers.

Legion SoldierEdit

Legion Soldiers make up the bulk of Samael's forces and usually attack in groups. They are armed with large axes and whilst not overly resilient or powerful, they can be dangerous if they gang up on the Horseman. They are also quite agile and will often evade Death's blows.

Legion ChampionEdit

Legion Champions command the lesser demons and are much tougher than their brethren. They carry large maces that can be converted into whips to ensnare their foes and drag them to further punishment. These demons are seldom fought alone and are usually accompanied by several Legion Soldiers.

Legion RavagerEdit

Legion Ravagers conjures spells

Legion DefilerEdit

Legion WarmasterEdit

Legion Warmasters are the generals of their brethren.


  • It is speculated that Samael's Legions were the recipients of the Artifact collectibles in Darksiders, meaning that they served prominently in the conquest of Earth and implying that Samael himself received the overlord artifact.

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