Skeletal Axe of Rending


Required Level:


Damage: 163-189
Damage Type: Slow
Critical Chance: +12%
Health Steal: +10%
Special Ability: Rending



Defeat the Construct Hulk at The Lost Temple on PC and Deathinitive Edition only.


A tale often told amongst the Dead Plains concerns a proud warrior who boasted often of his skill, only for it to be later revealed that the braggart had claimed the victories of others for his own. As punishment, the warrior was transformed into a magical axe, doomed forever to assist others in gaining the glory he had so wrongfully sought. Although this axe does not strike as hard as many other weapons, it steals the vitality from those it strikes and transfers it to the wielder, strengthening him whilst weakening his foes. Critical strikes with the axe rend the foe for even greater amounts of stolen health.
— In-Game Description

The Skeletal Axe of Rendering is a powerful battle axe that can be aquired in Darksiders II early on in the game after Death destroys the Construct Hulk. This axe gives a slight attack power trade-off for the ability to leech life from enemies with every hit, making it a decent weapon to start off with in the later beginning of the game.

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