Full Power
"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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Required Level: 17
Damage: 359-393
Damage Type: Slow
Critical Chance: +20%
Special Ability: Shielding


Reward for completing the Uriel side quest Light of the Fallen on Earth, where you must save 10 imprisoned angels.

This weapon is a possible reference to the Elder Scrolls series of games. In Morrowind, there are two tools, Keening and Sunder. Sunder was a hammer, but Keening was a blue dagger, in much the same way that Sunder here is a blue greatsword.

This elegant weapon recalls the grace and power of its original owner, an angel guardian of the White City. The weapons wielded by the venerated guardians are both aggressive and defensive; while Sunder's blades are more than capable of striking any foe with unearthly precision and force, this versatile weapon may also create a protective orb around its wielder that mitigates damage dealt by the enemy.
— In-game Description, Darksiders 2

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