The Swarm
The swarm
Race Undead
Gender Unknown
Size Small
Affiliation The Destroyer
Main Weapon Claws
Armor Weak
Type of Attack Melee
Enemies Death

The Swarm is the collective name given to the undead remnants of Humanity who were wiped out during the Apocalypse. Individually, they pose little threat but they attack in hordes that overwhem their prey through sheer numbers. Although they are mindless and feral, they are utilised by the Destroyer's legions in their conflict with the Hellguard. Death is forced to confront these twisted horrors whilst exploring the ravaged Earth.


It is revealed by Uriel that the Swarm are corpses who have been infected by a Suffering. These corpses become extremely savage and will attack anything in sight, although they appear to ignore other demons. They are seemingly drawn to loud noises which is how Suffering are able to direct them with their roars. Whilst Death is travelling through the destroyed city, a large droning noise signals an attack by these creatures.

The Swarm disturbed

The Swarm are alerted