The Hammer's Forge is a side quest in Darksiders II. It can be obtained from the Maker Alya. She will explain that her brother, Valus, lost Splinterbone while attempting to restore the Shattered Forge with Karn and herself, and asks Death to retrieve it.

Death will have to navigate the Shattered Forge, and return the hammer Splinterbone to Alya.


  1. Find the Shattered Forge
    • The Shattered Forge is located in Shadow Gorge, west of Stonefather's Vale.
  2. Retrieve the hammer
    • Navigate the dungeon and collect Splinterbone from the large chest in the center.
  3. Return to Alya
    • Speak to Alya again in Tri-Stone.


Death will be awarded experience and gilt, and Alya will then sell higher-quality items.

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