The Noss
Race Abyssal Creature
Gender Unknown
Size Giant
Means of Travel By Foot
Affiliation The Destroyer
Partner(s) Stingers

The Swarm

Main Weapon Melee

Energy Blasts

Armor Heavy
Type of Attack Melee


Enemies Death

The Hellguard

Allies The Destroyer's Army

The Noss is a gigantic and immensly powerful Abyssal Creature that appears on Earth as a member of The Destroyer's forces. Throughout Death's search for the Rod of Arafel, he encounters and destroyes three of these grotesque monsters. They attack primarily with stomps and energy blasts but are also capable of summoning Stingers during battle. The Noss also can emit a screech to push back and opponents; a blast which is capable of destroying a concrete overpass with ease and deals high amounts of damage. These creatures are so powerful that even the Hellguard, by their own admission, dare not face one head-on.

Strategy Edit

The Noss is a relatively easy boss battle, as Death can easily slay these giants  with continuous Salvation blasts or Gorehammer explosives from a safe distance. This strategy also takes care of the numerous Stingers that the Noss will summon, which can do a great deal of damage on their own. Alternatively, he can choose to fight The Noss in close combat, although this is unwise without some way to regenerate health, as the Stinger are practically impossible to avoid, and are summoned frequently enough that the Noss is almost never without them. Additionally, the Noss's melee attacks and sonic blasts are extremely harmful without the damage mitigator of the Salvation canon. Finally, the Noss has an incredibly high amount of health, to the point where fighting one on Apocalyptic difficulty can take several minutes. Be ready to fend of The Swarm as well as Stingers during fights against this beast; they rarely appear alone.

Darksiders 2 The Noss Apocalptic00:45

Darksiders 2 The Noss Apocalptic

Darksiders 2 The Noss Melee Apocalptic04:07

Darksiders 2 The Noss Melee Apocalptic

Darksiders 2 The Noss Apocalptic-000:51

Darksiders 2 The Noss Apocalptic-0

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