thank you so much for letting me edits deaths page. I will try to be faithfull to the page as best as I can. I am doing some testing as of now sence this is my first time in a wiki. there will be changes but I will also be faithful to the source materials and read them to see what it says. I am also planning on making weaknesses and outside game abilities soon. but as for the accilirating healing and immortality that put in the arnaments and abilities content. I will put them in the new content that I am making soon. also the reasons why its says immortal in there is because all angels and demons and most of supernatural origins are somewhat immortal. for they have lived a long time. for examples vampires. they call themselves immortals. but they are killable. and how many angels and demons died on movies and shows. that's why I put it there. most darksiders characters are immortal living beings to us mortals in a sence. but again thank you for letting me admins and I will do the best I can.