When used, it unlocks the mastery of weapons, dramatically increasing War's combat prowess.
— Ingame description

War's Glory is a Legendary Enhancement with numerous useful abilities especially when assigned to Chaoseater. Like Carnage, when equipped to Chaoseater, it also turns it red and makes it bleed.


Slotted BonusEdit

  • Drastically increases Chaos gained via the Chaoseater sword
  • Drastically increases Chaos gained by other melee weapons
  • Drastically increases the amount of weapon experience gained

Passive BonusEdit

  • Drastically increases the duration of Chaos Form
  • Drastically increases weapon damage


War's Glory Chest

The chest where War's Glory is contained.

It can be found in the Iron Canopy after War fights the Broodmother - you will come across an area where you are required to use the Abyssal Chain in combination with Shadowflight to cross a great gorge. Using the first shadow current fly straight up and backwards towards the screen. War's Glory is in a Chest on a ledge above the ledge you started on.

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